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Social media has grown exponentially over the years and because of this, our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. We keep conjuring up concepts and thinking of new ideas to bring excitement, by captivating our audiences with new and creative innovative thinking. Visuals, sound and music is a great way to capture attention.

When utilising social media, what is more important to you... Does it really matter how many people you have following you on social media, does it make you feel more important? Or is it more important to have the right people following you? Depending on your social field and background, I feel it is more important to me to interact with the right people, people who have the same interests as me... "Though my interests do vary somewhat." 

We are and can all be great in our own way.

In one of my previous blog posts I wrote a brief paragraph about screen writer and producer, Caroline Spence...

Click on the link to read post: TRENDING: Filmmakers, Actors, Women In Film & Fitness.

Caroline Spence is a Screenwriter and Producer with Raya Films who are doing great and exciting things (Click on Raya Films logo to visit their website).
With the completion of 'Do Something, Jake' directed by James Smith, which premiered at the ODEON Cinema, Loughborough in September 2018. Here I am with director James Smith at the premier of 'Do Something, Jake. "You've never seen such a handsome pair."
They are now at the final stages of promoting a next viewing in London on 15th November 2018. If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it!

Click on the link below to read my review on 'Do Something, Jake.'


Where does Caroline find the time to write, produce and not only that, star as an assassin in her latest feature 'AGENT KELLY'... Director James Smith calls it, "An experimental movie."

Already in it's post production stage, this is one film I have been looking forward to seeing for a while. Huge thanks to director James Smith for supplying me with these exclusive and never before seen 'behind the scenes' images of Agent Kelly at it's editing stage.
Not much is known as yet about the story line, but in the image above (screen grab) it shows Agent Kelly played by Caroline running with urgency in her stride. The screen grab below, shows a more covert scene of Agent Kelly on the phone. "I wonder what the conversation is about?"

The information I have so far on Agent Kelly is from Raya Film's Website:

"A female assassin who avenged the killing of a friend now becomes the hunted."

"Sounds pretty intense doesn't it!"

Here is an exclusive scene from the movie, Agent Kelly:
Agent Kelly was filmed in two different country locations,
and also stars Spanish actor Eddie Gallego.
Not much is known about Eddie's character as yet, James and Caroline aren't letting any secrets  out of the hat. But by the caption at the end of the Trailer below, "Vengeance... it's always the beginning of the end." And if you put two and two together with "A female assassin who avenged the killing of a friend now becomes the hunted!"
Could Eddie's character be the hunter? This is only speculation... We'll just have to wait until the movie has been released...

Here are a couple more images from Agent Kelly:
The locations look absolutely amazing, the kind of locations every
filmmaker wants to have in their movie. Here are some more images.
Agent Kelly directed by James Smith, written and starring Caroline Spence, looks like it's going to be something special. With her writing style, you can expect many twists and turns in this new female led action thriller.
The above image showing Caroline on the set of Agent Kelly, by the looks of things it seems she had a fantastic time. More up to date information and exclusive images can be found on 'Agent Kelly Movie website'... "Who's hunting who?" 

"But behind the smiles these are hard working and passionate people who love what they do!"

You can follow Caroline and Agent Kelly on Twitter:

Caroline Spence: Twitter

Agent Kelly Movie: Twitter

It must be a satisfying feeling to have something you've written transformed into a movie, and it doesn't stop there. Caroline has already written another screenplay which is already in motion and is directed by James Smith... 'Surveilled Movie' more information coming up in future posts... (clicking on the poster will take you to their Twitter page)

(Click on the IMDb Screen Grab to view Caroline's Profile)


I'm a huge fitness, martial arts fan and practise it myself, so when I was approached by Blade Active (on Twitter) to have a look a their new promotional video and Crowd funding campaign, I was very impressed by what I saw.
Natalie Dale, the founder of Blade Active explains what this system is all about,
but she needs your help. Watch the promotional video below:

More details about Blade Active can be found on their website at

[click on the indiegogo logo to visit Blade Active campaign]


Sarah Beadnell joins the cast of my indiefilm Jet Slade: Rise Of The Black Hood
[click on the promotional poster to read her profile]


Actor Peter Irvine wraps filming on a music video. A huge supporter of independent filmmakers, Peter regularly interacts with up and coming actors giving his support and advice. Take a look at his show reel below and why not follow him on Twitter. the links are in his show reel profile.
Stu Silverman, the director and co-writer of The Devil Makes Three introduces this psychological thriller featuring three short horror stories.
Stu explains in his pitch for his Kickstarter campaign and shows the love and passion he has for his interests in Horror Movies, and with Halloween drawing closer, this is the perfect film to support.

Take a look at the Promotional Posters of each short film:

I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog post, look out for more interesting news from me as it might feature you next time. Before you go, why not click on the Promotional Poster below and take a look at my website for my film: Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood.

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