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Social Media is swarmed with so much information, it's sometimes difficult to find out what's going on. We are all in our own little world and can sometimes forget what's happening around us. Hash tags (#) are a great way of keeping your audience in the know, just hash tag your interest and it will appear in their feed or if you type it in your search field eg. #JetSlade, it should show you who's posting similar subjects to yours especially on social media sites such as TWITTER.

So who's Trending...?

Still in production my Independent film Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood is nearing it's final stages. See Film Intro:

A sneak peak behind the scenes of me directing some of the cast on the set of Jet Slade: Rise of the Black... It was a very cold Sunday morning that day.
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RAYA FILMS: Click on Logo to Visit Website
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Raya Films are producing and outputting some great projects. With the premier of their recent release 'Do Something, Jake' being shown in the cinema in their home town of Loughborough (UK), they are already in the first phase of their next feature 'SURVEILLED'.
The #CrowdfundingCampaign for @SurveilledMovie is now LIVE! We have a fab cast attached so if you want to support the film & these awesome actors, click the link, grab a perk or donate! @jamiebernadett @Emily_Haigh @MrRobertDukes @EdBergtold
Wishing them all the best at the Premier of Do Something, Jake:
Agent Kelly is one film I am really looking forward to and can't wait to see it! Screen writer, producer and making her debut, Caroline Spence dons the lead in this action packed film. Caroline Spence: IMDb
I would love to interview Caroline about her experience working on Agent Kelly, watch this space!

In the mean time here's a link to give you an idea of my interviews of cast member Ewa Magdalena, about her role in my film Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood.

Need stunning Head Shots for your portfolio?
Photographer and actor Hilary Jones will take your casting auditions to the next level.
Peter Irving - Actor
Actor Peter Irving is doing some great things, take a look at his Show Reel:

Peter will feature in a Music Video direct by Koby
Look out for more exciting news on Peter, I foresee big things for him.
I'm a huge fan of action films, and seeing more women taking on lead action and challenging roles is turning the tables for women, and opening doors finding that balance we need. Below is a list of Trailers featuring some of my favourite female actors/actresses donning lead roles.
The movie industry is changing slowly, I still think there's a long way to go yet... Technology is advancing so much that it's making it easier for the smaller independent filmmakers like myself, and with media sites like YouTube and Vimeo to get our stories out there and seen.
...I'm all for seeing more women taking on lead roles and also donning the director's chair, as long as the story is great It shouldn't matter who's in front or behind the camera. Like anything else, it's always nice to have a good balance. 
Incorporating a Fitness Regime into your Routine for your Character:
Depending on the role your portraying, we're seeing more and more actors getting involved in action sequences, whereas once it would be left to the stuntman. Actors are getting into physical shape and are doing things on screen making their character more believable. Of course, there are still safety measures to consider and that's where the stuntperson steps in.

It's strange because, I interact with Rebekah Van Nata of RVNFit on Instagram (she does fitness videos with her twin sister Rachel) but we are not actually following each other. Maybe after this post we'll actually 'LIKE' each others pages (I smile to myself). Rebekah is heavily into her fitness and does amazing things, so why am I mentioning her...?

...Into fitness myself, I'm a massive fan of seeing women doing things that even some men struggle to do. Rebekah has a great presence in her fitness videos and I'm just waiting for the day to see her on the big screen in an action role... She has all the credentials and with a great storyline, I think she'd be awesome! Why are you not living in the UK Rebekah? :)

Check her out here in this next clip from her instagram page doing what she loves best!

In the meantime checkout this scene from my Independent film Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood.

Look out for my next blog post, it could be about you next time.
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