An Interview with Kym Sims and Scott Featherstone

American Singer & Songwriter Kym Sims is currently touring in the UK, her next performance being on Saturday 14th July and I managed to get an exclusive interview with her and UK House Music Producer Scott Featherstone while she was in my home town of Leeds just before she left for London.

Performing songs such as:
Too Blind To See It
Take My Advice
Deep In The City

I would never imagine in a million years that I would have the legendary artist, singer and songwriter Kym Sims sat on a sofa in my house (I smile to myself).
(Fate has a way of bringing people together and I believe there is a right time for everything, and this was the perfect moment).

Last year in 2017 Scott Featherstone produced a remix of Kym's new release 'Turn It Up' which was a smasher of a track! I was blown away with the sound of her voice, Scott did a great job with the remix, her vocals and his music gelled really well together.

Here's an Interview I did with Scott last year:
More info on Scott from a previous write-up I did on him can be found on my film page by clicking this link: SCOTT FEATHERSTONE - Music Producer

Known for her iconic song 'Too Blind To See It' which was released in 1991 and being in The top 100 1991 lists the 100 most popular hits in the UK singles music charts in 1991Kym has returned in full force showing the world that she has adapted to the current music scene and proved she has what it takes to fit in with today's music genre of the 21st century.

With amazing writers like Thomas Arambula who wrote Turn It Up for Kym, she returned to the music scene and here's what she had to say about it...
Just by the short snippet from her interview, you can see how much fire Kym has burning inside of her, like the combustion from a fighter jet her vocals are ready to explode on to the current music scene. With talented music producers like Scott Featherstone, Kym can utilise her vocals in her own way and style as she explains in the video below:
Music has a way of bringing and uniting great people together, Kym and Scott are no exception. Their collaboration has surely ignited something fresh and unique between them! This clip from their recent interview with me explains how they met:
Here is the Official Music Video for Turn It Up
(Scott Featherstone House Remix)

Below are more links to some great remixes of Turn It Up.

Leo Frappier  - Anthem Remix

Brian Cua - Club Remix

GSP Remix 

Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix

Paul Goodyear - SanFranDisco Remix

Tweaka Turner - Club Remix

Pumpkin Spice Mix

Currently in the UK, Kym is having a great time over here. Her personality leaves a presence wherever she goes and with whomever she meets. She is beautiful, kind and such a sweet loving  caring person but don't let that fool you, she is a professional woman and when it comes to business she knows exactly what she wants.

Watch out U.K....Kym Sims is on her way to 'Turn It Up!'

Kym Sims is ready to kick off her U.K. Tour and will be performing her massive 90's dance hits, 'Too Blind To See It,' 'Take My Advice, 'Deep In The City'(her tribute to Frankie Knuckles and Chicago House), and the 2017 Dance Club Hit, 'Turn It Up' which charted at #6 on BILLBOARD!

U.K. Tour dates include:
JUNE 30 - The House Project Leeds
JULY 6 - Popalicious @ Eagle London
JULY 14 - STREETrave @ SWG3

So 'get turnt' and see the 'one and only' Kym Sims 'live' in the U.K.!

Contact & Bookings:
Visit the KYM SIMS & KYM SIMS FANS Facebook Page

Check out the Kym Sims - 'Turn It Up' (Scott Featherstone House Remix) Video!


Kym truly comes alive when it comes to singing on stage and here is an exclusive clip of her performing live at Sacramento Rainbow Festival 2016... Just the ad-libs alone "I wanna be free" says it all. You can just feel the passion she has when she's performing:

My time spent with Kym and Scott was a very special moment for me, especially off camera before we started the interview. We had a chance to sit down, relax and talk about music, producers, singing and just getting a chance to know each other. It was as if we'd known each other for years, we were all on the same wavelength. There is a line in Turn It Up where Kym says "Music is the key let it set your body free, Feel it in your soul let the music take control, do you feel it." That truly is what it felt like and a moment I will cherish... The sun was shining, Kym's location where she was staying was literally two mins away. When we arrived at mine I made Kym a hot drink with freshly squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of sugar with a slice of home baked fresh lemon drizzle cake. "Hey, we're definitely posh up North y'kno!" :)


While over in the UK and since writing this blog post, Kym has recorded the lead vocals for her second track collaboration with Scott. They gave me a short live and exclusive demo (Kym sang live over the track) off camera and let me tell you, "It sounded amazing!" Here is an exclusive image of Kym working with sound engineer and musician Dez Ford at Rocket Fuel Audio:

My time with Kym and Scott was special and I can't wait to hear the final mixed and produced version of their next single. Kym mentioned, "She'd like to retire next year." I really hope she doesn't,  even if she still works in the studio using her vocal talents with great producers like Scott Featherstone, it will be an inspiration to some of the great singers out there and hopefully reviving their careers too.

You can watch the full version of Kym and Scott's interview below, I hope you like it as much as I do.
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