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The year 2019 flew by in a flash and our attention span toward social media has become shorter and shorter, within a blink of an eye you've scrolled by a post without actually taking in what's going on around you. If you took just one second to stop and actually read what's in front of you, then you won't miss the important things that surround you. Below is a list of some of the interesting people I've met on Twitter over the past couple of years.

(Interaction is the Key)


Sabine Rossbach

(Click on photo to view and follow Sabine on Twitter). 

International ShowReel 2018

More up to date info on Sabine Rossbach can be found by clicking here: IMDB 

Peter Irving

(Click on photo to view and follow Peter on Twitter).

Peter Irving: Actor Current ShowReel

More Info on Peter Irving can be found by clicking here: Spotlight


(Account monitored by parents)
(Click on photo to view and follow Alice on Twitter).

First Video Introduction

More Info on Alice can be found by clicking here: LSI Talent

Jack Kenna

(Click on photo to view and follow Jack on Twitter).

Break Up - 2018

More Info on Jack can be found by clicking here:
All Stars Actors Management

Gemma Wallace

(Click on photo to view and follow Gemma on Twitter).

Gemma Wallace Motion Capture Reel

More info on Gemma can be found by clicking here: IMDB

Mark Peter Simpson

(Click on photo to view and follow Mark on Twitter).
New Showreel for 2020.
More info Mark can be found by clicking here: IMDB

Henk Brugge

 (Click on photo to view and follow Henk on Twitter).

Showreel Henk Brugge (2019)

More info on Henk can be found by clicking here: IMDB


Raya Films

(Click on image to visit and follow Raya Films on Twitter)

Raya Films are inspiring and opening the pathway for other Independent Film Makers by making a film on a minimum budget and proving it can be done. And with their success and streaming online and Blue-ray release, their movie 'Do Something, Jake' is becoming mainstream.
Look out for more up and coming film projects by Raya Films.

Do Something, Jake is now streaming on AMAZON PRIME

More info on ray Films and their up and coming projects can be found by clicking here: RayaFilms


I now have a dedicated 'MY MUSIC' page of my work, click on 'EDMAHOO' to view my page and have a listen.

I'm meeting some really special people on my journey and very talented they are too.

Christella Litras

(Click on photo to follow Christella on Twitter).

Christella: Medley of Composition

Haim Shim

(Click on photo to follow Haim on Twitter).

Haim Shim: Show Me the Way


Hilary Jones Photography

(Click on the photo to follow Hilary on Twitter)

Apart from being a professional photographer, Hilary is also an actor himself. So he understands what it takes to capture the perfect shot for your portfolio to take your acting career to another level. 


Bridget Mae

(Click on photo to follow Bridget on Twitter)

When she's not preparing herself for a fitness video or action sequence, see my previous post about her here: Wag Doll - Superwoman  Bridget aka 'Wag Doll' is really into her fashion, especially for the 'Over40'sStyle'

Take a look at her recent post 'Affordable Zara Haul & Try On: Over 40 Style'

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, please feel free to browse my blog. It will be updated with new and exciting posts regularly.

Thanks for reading...



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