A round-up of some of the very talented people I've been interacting with on Social Media.

There are so many interesting people out there in the 'cyber world' of social media, and depending on your interests you can guarantee there is someone out there doing something similar to you. The world has become a much smaller place through social media, making it easier for you to interact with people on-line... It makes you wonder how people managed to meet and interact with others in the past?

I have met and interacted with some interesting people and may I also say "Not so many interesting people too." But that's what's so good about social media, you don't have to interact with people you don't want to.

Who remembers buying 'Video Magazines?'

I remember going in to WHSmith and would sometimes be stood just browsing through digital video magazines trying to decide which one to buy, I would usually end up buying a couple of magazines.

It was through these magazines you could find out about the latest  technical gear like cameras, lenses, tripods, recorders and much more. Not only that, there were also tutorials included too. I still have some of these magazines lying around somewhere in my archive, how I really miss those times.

Another great way to meet people with similar interests is at shows like the BVE Expo, you also get a chance to view and get a hands-on with some of the latest gear out there.

So Who's Trending?
I recently interacted (via Twitter) with the very talented and professional Peter Valentino.
As I read through his Twitter profile there was a 'Pinned' link to his YouTube Channel, take a look:
PETER VALENTINO ACTING STUDIO - Scene Study for Film, Los Angeles.
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As a film maker myself I just love viewing and watching 'behind the scenes' images and footage of films and documentaries and the workings of a scene. I think this is because of my inquisitive personality, I like to know the workings of things and the how and why. Peter reminded me of my 'Film Theory' University Lecturer, not in appearance but in how he portrays and interacts in his classes and how passionate he is about his work. As a student, you don't realize this until you're actually partaking in it, and that's where all your teachings start to come in to play.

You can also follow Peter on

Thanks for your continued support Peter! ;)


Hilary Jones
An aspiring actor himself, Hilary is a professional photographer and has been a supporter of my work for a while now. With his experience he knows how to capture that casting director's eye, making you stand out above the rest. As any actor knows, having a great portfolio is vital. Take a look at his Instagram:
You can also find Hilary on Twitter:
Thanks for your support Hilary!


Jack Kenna
If you love your comedy, then you will like this rising star, take a look at some of his sketches:
From Manchester (UK) Jack has a very unique style to his writing, his sketches are witty and funny usually ending with a twist. Some of his sketches are not just comedic, he can also perform a more serious character in his sketches showing his versatility in his acting skills.
Don't forget to hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button. More of his up-to-date sketches can be found on his Twitter: Jack Kenna @Jackman1985

Raya Films
Raya Films are doing some great things right now, and with the release of their new feature 'Do Something, Jake' and recently reaching their crowd funding target and promoting it in Cannes, they haven't stopped there. Their latest feature (currently in the works right now) 'Agent Kelly' directed by James Smith and starring it's producer Caroline Spence as lead is one feature I am looking forward to watching, take a look at the teaser:
"Vengeance is always the beginning of the end!" What a way to end, doesn't it leave you wanting to see more? They truly are teasing you. Keep a look out for 'Agent Kelly' and don't forget to hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button!
(features some more images).

If you missed my last post on 'Trending' here's the link:
Also featured in:

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